About Us

AJA Foundation seeks to help those who have done everything society asks of them, yet for whom access to essential resources and the probability for advancement that comes from them remain elusive at best and structurally impossible at worst.

We know that the “playing field” of opportunity tilts substantially and unfairly towards those coming from advantage and that nobody succeeds on their own. AJA Foundation is dedicated to leveling the playing field by investing globally in organizations addressing what we see as fundamental human rights with a focus on equal access to clean water, quality education and essential healthcare.

We partner with organizations that have demonstrated success, narrow and clearly defined missions, cost effective solutions, sufficient infrastructure, accountable management, detailed reporting, and proven results. And, because we believe that in all cases it is the people within an organization who drive success, we invest in those people capable of, and irrationally committed to delivering exceptional outcomes.

Our Team

Andy Astrachan


Colleen McKenna

Executive Director

Cathy Daniels

Accounting Manager


Sandra Kanengiser


Bob Ezrin


Amy Wood