Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to a question you are looking for here, please feel free to contact us

How do I apply to the Foundation for funding?

Our application process begins with a letter of inquiry (LOI).  We do not accept LOIs via mail or email. The entire LOI and application process is online.  Your LOI will be reviewed to determine whether the proposed effort fits sufficiently with our mission and program goals to merit further review.  If so, we will invite you to submit a full application.  

If invited to submit a full proposal, applicants will receive instructions to access the online application and will have 60 days to complete their request. Once submitted, a full proposal may take up to six months to review before a funding decision is returned. Applications are generally considered in date order of receipt. View our grant programs (link) or click here to apply.

When can I apply for a grant?

The Foundation accepts LOIs on a rolling basis (daily, no deadlines), and applicants can expect a response within approximately six weeks. Due to funding constraints, we are able to consider only one request per organization annually. If your request is declined, your organization will be eligible to apply again 12 months after the date of your declination.

Who is the Foundation currently funding?

Please view the Funding History of our website to see current and past grants.

When should I call a staff member?

We love to hear from people interested in the work of AJA Foundation. If you are new to applying to us for a grant or would like to discuss a specific idea or possible partnership with The Foundation, feel free to contact us. View our staff member page.

What is the average size of a grant?

Our grants vary depending on program. View our past grantees

Who serves on the Foundation board?

The board is comprised of three independent trustees.  View Our Trustees.

Who is your organization’s media relations contact?

Our media relations contact is our executive director, Colleen McKenna. 702-592-9672 [email protected]

What if I still have questions about the Foundation?

Please call us or email us with questions you might have about the Foundation. Or reach out via our Contact page.