What We Fund

Human Rights & Social Services

AJA Foundation supports a wide variety of organizations globally that provide social services and defend human rights. Whether helping an individual or a particular community, we are particularly interested in combatting injustice and inequality by supporting solutions that address the root causes and/or address structural change.

Medical Research

The primary focus of AJA Foundation’s Medical Research grantmaking is through our support of cancer research organizations best able to identify the most promising early stage cancer drugs being developed by the world’s leading scientists. To bring an end to the trial and error approach to cancer treatment, we are particularly interested in the development of precision drugs for the targeted treatment of metastatic disease.


Our grantmaking in the health category supports organizations delivering high quality essential health services to those people unable to access it or afford it. The majority of our focus is in developing countries. Because ready access to clean water is a critical component of overall health and impacts many other aspects of society including education, AJA Foundation has a particular commitment to providing renewable clean water in areas without it.


Our education grantmaking focuses on helping students who have generally excelled in school but lack the finances, curriculum or support to reach their full potential. We support a variety of programs in the United States that make tutoring, mentoring, advanced coursework and scholarships available to deserving students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Additional Information

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