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Three Angels Haiti Scholarship Program Receives $64,000 from AJA Foundation

By March 28, 2023 March 29th, 2023 No Comments

In continued support of the Three Angels Christian Academy (TACA) scholarship program, AJA Foundation recently granted an additional $64,000 to fund two more years of private school tuition for top performing high school students. Our foundation has been providing scholarships to high achieving students from TACA since 2020.  

This year, 43 students are participating in the secondary school program – 16 are enrolled in the newly opened Three Angels Christian Academy Secondary School, nine in Collège Concordia, and 18 in Collège Méthodiste.  That’s an increase from the 35 children who participated in 2020-21. 

The in-house expansion enables TACA to serve nearly three times as many children as before.  Additionally, the students remain in a familiar and caring environment that also includes medical care and nutritious lunches.

Post ninth grade, eligible students from the in-house program will migrate to a partnering school with the opportunity to attend tenth grade through Philo (thirteenth grade, the final year of secondary school.) The opportunity to continue education past the sixth grade is something only about 20% of Haitians receive, so this is a highly coveted prize.

The main program objective for the Secondary Scholarship Program is the education of and successful graduation for all secondary students currently in this Program. Successful secondary graduation will enable students to be functional in reasoning and decision-making, writing, mathematics, and language so that they are equipped for careers in Haiti that would not otherwise be viable options for them. As adults equipped with education and skills, they are more likely to escape the grip of extreme poverty and participate in the improvement of Haiti’s socio-economic environment and enable their future generations to improve.