AJA Foundation Founder and Chairman, Andy Astrachan in Zambia

Our Mission

AJA Foundation seeks to help those who have done everything society asks of them, yet for whom access to fundamental resources and advancement remains elusive at best and structurally impossible at worst.

Understanding that the “playing field” of opportunity tilts substantially and unfairly towards those coming from advantage and that nobody succeeds on their own, AJA Foundation is dedicated to leveling the playing field by investing globally in organizations providing equal access to resources addressing fundamental human needs and human rights.

We invest our money in, and are prepared to lend our business and fundraising expertise to proven and successful non-profits of all sizes that provide equal access to quality education; equal access to essential social and legal services; equal access to quality healthcare – with a current emphasis on access to clean water in developing countries which we believe to be a primary human right; and we invest in medical research for the benefit of mankind.

In these areas and others, AJA Foundation invests in those organizations that have demonstrated success with narrow and clearly defined missions, cost effective solutions, sufficient infrastructure, accountable management, detailed reporting and proven results.

And, because we believe that in all cases it is the people within an organization who drive success, we invest in those people capable of, and irrationally committed to delivering exceptional outcomes.


What We Fund

Our philanthropy is primarily focused on healthcare, medical research, education and human rights which include social services.


Human Rights


Medical Research







January 5, 2022

Prostate Cancer Treatment at the VA: One Veteran’s Story

The AJA Foundation has proudly supported the Prostate Cancer Foundation since 2007 and most recently provided funding for PCF’s Veteran’s Health Initiative. “One Veteran’s Story”, recently released by the Prostate…
December 17, 2021

Schools and Education in a Newly Reopened Reality

The fall semester has begun, and the Fulfillment Fund Programs team has been hard at work to creatively innovate their service delivery model. Knowing that students were going to need…
December 4, 2021

Christina Swarns Exposes Risk of A Right to Fair Trial in New York Times on SCOTUS Case Shinn v. Ramirez and Jones

On Dec. 8, the Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether two Arizona men, David Ramirez and Barry Jones, should be executed even though federal courts have ruled that they…
November 17, 2021

Mercy Ships Announces Next Field Service in Senegal

Mercy Ships is overjoyed to share that in early 2022, the Africa Mercy® will return to a beloved port — Dakar, Senegal. By invitation of Senegal’s government, led by President…

How to Apply

1. Learn About Us

Review information available on the AJA Foundation website to learn about the Foundation and the types of grants we fund.

2. Determine if you're a fit

Our grant making focus is primarily in the areas of Health, Advancing Medicine, Education and Human Rights, which includes some social services.

3. Submit an LOI
(Letter of Inquiry)

If you believe your work aligns with our focus, please submit a letter of inquiry via the link here.

4. Obtain invitation to apply

If it is determined that there is a fit between your work and our foundation, you will receive an invitation to apply.